What to Buy

I am adding to this as people ask but here are the sections that I have filled out so far.
Hard Drives
Camera Memory

Hard Drives

Small Portable

G-Technology ev RaW 2TB USB
WD My Passport 4TB USB (not for video shoots)

Large Portable

G-Technology 8TB USB
G-Technology 6TB USB
G-Technology 4TB USB

faster portable drive
G-Technology 8TB Thunderbolt

Fast Drives

Samsung T3 1TB USB
Samsung T3 2TB USB

Internal Drives

WD Black 6TB
WD Black 5TB

I put them in a HighPoint RocketStor 6328LS 8 bay drive tower. It is fast and quiet and holds 8 drives so that is great. It also comes in a 4 bay version for a little less.

Best for general purpose

WD Red 8TB
WD Red 6TB

Camera Memory

SD Cards
Sony SDXC 128GB
Sony SDXC 256GB

Sony M Series UHS-II SDXC 128GB
Super fast but you will need a card reader like
Lexar SR2 SD UHS-II Reader

WiFi Router

Big House, Smart, Better in every way, get one of these Plume systems and just never worry about it again.

But I am a pro!?! What do you you use???
Well I use a EdgeRouter and have my house wired with ethernet cable that links the gigabit fiber to a few Plume SuperPods. The SuperPods could work as a router but I had some custom stuff to do and needed something more hands on and endlessly fiddly.