Project Hilti RED

A quick shoot and post for Hilti. They had an internal promotion for their sales team based on a movie trailer for the movie Red. Fun stuff with car chases and basement torture, comic book panels, some scoring and 3 teams of shooters.… read more

Indigen Armor: The Tank Truck

As part of a public launch for militarily supplier Indigen Armor with Pivot Films I went to Virginia and North Carolina to shoot some vehicle tests. A few videos came out of it but the armored truck video is the favorite.… read more

Biker Fox at Slamdance

It was an amazing time as you can see from the video. This was the first thing I shot on the 7D. After buying a 35mm adapter from Redrock Micro right when the DSLRs were catching on and regretting it I finally sold it all and switched.… read more

Biker Fox accepted to Slamdance 2010

The Biker Fox movie got accepted into Slamdance. Out of 5,000 entries 10 narratives and 8 documentaries were chosen along with a movie premiere from Soderberg. I have been working on this Biker Fox movie for over 2 years with Jeremy Lamberton and it has been in the works for about another year longer when Jeremy was working by himself even though the movie that is being shown is only about 8 months old.… read more