Project Hilti RED

A quick shoot and post for Hilti. They had an internal promotion for their sales team based on a movie trailer for the movie Red. Fun stuff with car chases and basement torture, comic book panels, some scoring and 3 teams of shooters.

I don’t usually do music for the projects I work on but this was so quick to post that I didn’t have time to wait on anyone else.

Shot with around 8 DSLRs, some Canon 7D and 5DmkII. Audio is recorded with Zoom H4n recorders. Color is Apple Color, Magic Bullet Looks or Magic Bullet Colorista. It is all rushed through as fast as possible so whatever worked best and fastest was chosen instead of taking the time in Color to make it all perfect.

Premiered in a theater full of Hilti employees before a showing of the movie Red.

Indigen Armor: The Tank Truck

As part of a public launch for militarily supplier Indigen Armor with Pivot Films I went to Virginia and North Carolina to shoot some vehicle tests. A few videos came out of it but the armored truck video is the favorite. Shot over 2 days on a test track in using two Canon 7Ds and two Zoom H4n’s with a bunch of lavalieres and a Rode NTG-3 to record the gun sounds. That and GoPros. Lots and Lots of GoPros.

The goal was to create a hyper real and dramatic look to all the exterior shots to contrast them with the cold black and steel look of the interior shots.
This was the biggest project so far I have done in Apple’s Color. Most of my projects are short like this but have far less shots and far less compleity than this series of videos. DSLRs, GoPros, 35mm adapters a good mix of sources to smooth out the changes together.

Biker Fox at Slamdance

It was an amazing time as you can see from the video. This was the first thing I shot on the 7D. After buying a 35mm adapter from Redrock Micro right when the DSLRs were catching on and regretting it I finally sold it all and switched. Great images, audio sucks but it is awesome to use. I saw a lot of people around Park City curious about my Zacuto rig and curious about how it was working for me. I expect that next year everyone will be DSLR stills and video and probably some films as well. 

It was also well received and reviewed by the press.

Here is a Variety review of Biker Fox.

Biker Fox – Variety Review PDF

The Sound of Young America interview with Biker Fox and Jeremy Lamberton

Biker Fox accepted to Slamdance 2010

The Biker Fox movie got accepted into Slamdance. Out of 5,000 entries 10 narratives and 8 documentaries were chosen along with a movie premiere from Soderberg. I have been working on this Biker Fox movie for over 2 years with Jeremy Lamberton and it has been in the works for about another year longer when Jeremy was working by himself even though the movie that is being shown is only about 8 months old. Biker Fox kept getting arrested and changing the intensity of the story that needed to be told.

The movie deals with Frank Paul DeLarzelere III through work and life and how hard he tries to be Biker Fox all the time. Selling car parts all day through Billions and Trillions Inc and riding his bike all night, never eating or drinking to protect his figure ending each day taking care of 50 raccoons in his living room. He is right on the edge of reality.

The logline you will see around is

A part documentary, part self-help testimonial about Biker Fox, who advocates “cogitating positive vibes to the cortex of your cerebellum.”

The official synopsis is

BIKER FOX is the story of Frank P. DeLarzelere III aka Biker Fox, Tulsa, Oklahoma’s misunderstood motivational bicyclist, nature conservationist and muscle car guru. Part-documentary and part-self-help testimonial, the film navigates the uneasy relationships DeLarzelere has with both the city of Tulsa and himself, as his Biker Fox character’s intentions of spirited goodwill sometimes neglect certain boundaries.

If you want to know about the movie the best thing to probably watch is this appearance of Biker Fox on a Swedish TV show. It gives a glimpse of how crazy he is and what it is like to be around him yelling all the time and just being Biker Fox. If you want to go deeper into Biker Fox then you will need to watch the movie.

I looked at this old trailer but it was really made before the movie and is just a bunch of clips and doesn’t really have anything to do with the story. You can watch it here or see it around the internet but know that it is not the movie.

If you don’t know enough about Biker Fox after watching those two videos you could explore his website.
There might also be something on the Biker Fox movie site.