Indigen Armor: The Tank Truck

As part of a public launch for militarily supplier Indigen Armor with Pivot Films I went to Virginia and North Carolina to shoot some vehicle tests. A few videos came out of it but the armored truck video is the favorite. Shot over 2 days on a test track in using two Canon 7Ds and two Zoom H4n’s with a bunch of lavalieres and a Rode NTG-3 to record the gun sounds. That and GoPros. Lots and Lots of GoPros.

The goal was to create a hyper real and dramatic look to all the exterior shots to contrast them with the cold black and steel look of the interior shots.
This was the biggest project so far I have done in Apple’s Color. Most of my projects are short like this but have far less shots and far less compleity than this series of videos. DSLRs, GoPros, 35mm adapters a good mix of sources to smooth out the changes together.

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